All Heart Gunner Foundation

The All Heart Gunner Foundation strives to provide financial assistance for families whose child has been diagnosed with brain cancer. 

About the foundation
The All Heart Gunner Foundation was born from the motto and fighting mantra of Gunner Smith. Gunner attacked his brain cancer with an “All Heart” mentality. The foundation, dedicated to honoring his legacy, will serve families whose children have been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Having a child diagnosed with an extremely life threating and terminal cancer changes the entire family in an instant.  The foundation will provide financial support and walk along side the family in prayer and support.  When watching a child fight cancer, paying the bills, and being able to hold onto a job becomes difficult. The All Heart Gunner Foundation wants to alleviate the financial burden as much as possible so the family can put their time and attention on what matters most, getting their baby better. No child can fight alone.

We, Brandon and Brittany Smith, want to do our part to help other families battling against cancer for their children.  It was an incredible gift to be a part of a community that wrapped their arms around our family. Our friends, teachers, pastors, churches, neighbors and community members helped create the community we would turn to and lean on.  They sent cards, gift cards, and gifts to the hospital, made meals for weeks, and loved on us.  This is the type of community, love and support we hope to create for other families. We felt more love from our community than a Hallmark movie. Our community rallied around us and held parades, shirt drives, 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, football games, and the list goes on and on. We understand that not everyone has a Hallmark community of people around them, but we would like to do our best to alleviate some burdens.  We want to ease the financial burden and offer as much support as possible. We want to be a comfort for families faced with pediatric brain cancer.

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